Why choose me?

Here at When Adam met Eve, you can expect quality, friendly one-on-one service from a Perth graphic designer that is collaborative and creative - so you will know from concept to completion where your job is at.

Why use a freelance Graphic Designer?

Large graphic design companies in Perth and across Australia often carry their overheads into the fees charged out to clients. Rather than paying for all the administration fees that are associated with larger agencies, hiring a freelance graphic designer is a cost-effective and more personal experience.

Independent graphic designers offer you flexibility at a reduced cost. If you know you will need some design work done on a temporary basis – you can assign an experienced freelancer for that project without having to worry about keeping that person on the payroll over the long-term. This allows you to hire someone with more experience at a higher rate than you’d likely be able to afford on an ongoing basis.

What should you look for in a graphic designer?

You should feel comfortable with the graphic designer you choose – to voice your concerns is an important role in the design process. Building a good relationship with your graphic designer will allow the communication process to flow better which in turn means that the final outcome is produced faster and to your desired requirements. You should always look for a designer who is able to take on your criticisms and produce the style that you are looking for. A great working relationship results in a long lasting partnership between the client and the designer.

It shouldn't come down to just cost?

Although budgets are tight, sometimes choosing the cheapest graphic designer to do your work can end up being more costly than biting the bullet and paying the right person to do the job. Consider all aspects of the job before making the decision to go with a particular graphic design company or graphic designer. It is important to feel comfortable enough to express your opinions, feel as though the person doing the work actually cares about the success of your business, know that the final cost doesn't have any hidden nasties and most of all you like some of their work they have got in their portfolio.