A little about me


Having started out my career in corporate graphic design I found that there was always a gap between the account manager, the client and the designer. Like a game of Chinese whispers, it never made sense to me why the designer couldn’t speak with the client directly in order to process and interpret exactly what they were after and to steer them away from anything that drifted away from their branding identity. It wasn’t until 2012 that I decided to take a leap of faith and go out on my own as a freelance graphic designer in Perth. Ever since then, I have hit the ground running and never looked back. I love getting to know a business and see how I can help them – in turn, building strong relationships with my clients and coming up with new strategies to help them market themselves.

How When Adam met Eve was created


I often get asked "why the name ‘When Adam Met Eve’? The name originated from a random brainstorming session with a friend to come up with a unique name that was memorable and intriguing - originally to start up a blog. Being known for asking a million hypotheticals, I turned to my friend one day and said “What do you think happened when Adam met Eve? What if Adam never liked Eve or vice versa but they would be stuck together for the rest of their lives?” And thus the name was born.

Once the name was established, the logo came naturally. Although you wouldn't normally associate the name with a freelance graphic designer, I liked the point of difference with other agencies and the quirkiest reflected my personality perfectly. Little did I know that I was going to expand my business into other areas - jewellery and celebrancy which allowed the name to fit comfortably within each business sector. With visual branding being a primary focus for When Adam Met Eve, the logo needed to be friendly and memorable with companies wanting to invest in creativity and ingenuity not your typical churn and burn creative graphic design studios.

Over the last few years, the logo has changed and been refined with a number of different variations created for various events. This has allowed a greater marketing strategy for When Adam Met Eve to expand into different markets whilst still keeping the brand integrity. Keep a look out for the Easter, Christmas and other holiday logos that pop up from time to time. Or better yet, check out our jewellery and celebrancy website When Adam Met Eve.